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About Utility Hacker

Welcome to the Utility Hacker website. I created this website to help people save money on their utility bills while helping to save the environment. Then it grew into something more…

The difference between living in a third world country or ancient civilization and a first world country or modern civilization is the widespread availability of Electric Power, Water, Gas, and Telecommunications. These are things we often take for granted. Not many people would know how to survive without these modern conveniences. My goal is to share the knowledge I have regarding the fragility of the systems we rely on and encourage people to take actions to prepare for failures of these systems and go OFF THE GRID if necessary.

Energy Saving Technology, News & Hacks

As a utility bill auditor, I learned the ins and outs of the industry and learned about many ways you can save money and save energy. The deregulated energy market is confusing. I have hacks to help you with your bills, conserve energy and water, and hacks that will help you out around the house. Check out utility hacks for more.

In addition to the utility hacks, you will find detailed information on new technology and energy saving techniques. We frequently blog about technology and devices that will save you energy and save you money. I have articles on generators, LED lights, solar energy, water conservation, electric, recycling, and more.

Stay up to date on the latest news in the utility industry. I am located in Texas so many of the articles will focus on the industry specifically in Texas. Not only that, but we share ideas to help save the planet and animals from the destructive forces of mankind. Check out utility news to learn more.

Prepping & Living Off the Grid

The past few years have been interesting to say the least, from pandemics, to wars, to food & water shortages, we have seen our fair share of warnings that life as we know it is no longer stable. With these new threats, comes the need to prepare for changes in the way we live. Shopping centers, gas and utilities may become harder and harder to come by in the future. That is why prepping has become a huge trend in recent years. We are providing valuable resources to help you prep your home for the future. Check out our Prepping blog to learn more!


Aside from the above issues, we provide information on how you can help protect the environment. Not only do I have hacks to help you save on utilities and prepare for the worst, but I am sharing small steps we can all take to change our habits to improve our carbon footprint and the environmental impact we have on planet earth. Taking steps to conserve utilities allows us improves reliability of the utility systems and is good for the planet. Check out my environmentally friendly section to learn ways we can save the environment.

Keeping it Legal

Although the word “Hacker” is in our name, we in no way condone illegal activities such as stealing utility service. All of the hacks we post to help you save money on your utility bills and survive in the case of outages and disasters are 100% legal and legitimate ways to curb your usage and lower your bills and keep the power on.

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