Hello Utility Hackers! I am Courtney, a utility bill auditor. I have been auditing utility bills for businesses and government entities for over 10 years. I have saved consumers over $10 million on their utility bills. I know what to look for on electric, gas, water, and waste bills to find savings.

Not only do I help companies save money on their utility bills, I am also an electric broker in the State of Texas. I am familiar with the electric market and how it works. I know the tricks they use to overcharge consumers, and I know that we are all being forced to pay a price for electricity that is not competitive. Most utility companies are monopolies. They are against renewable energy because it takes away from their bottom line. They don’t care about their customers or the environment. That has just been my experience working with utility companies over the past 10 years.

The longer I spent in the industry, the more evils I witnessed. Utility companies breaking laws, the prevalence of fracking – a new way of destroying the environment. So I wanted to share my knowledge with the world to not only help consumers save money, but to help consumers get as far away as possible from non-renewable sources of energy and become energy independent… and even live off the grid!

Me at my day job, saving people on their utility bills!

You can find me on linked in.

If you have any questions or comments about the Utility Hacker website, I can be reached at guru@utilityhacker.com.

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