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Best Home Wind Turbine

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Are you looking for a guide to the best home wind turbine? Well you are in luck my friend because here at Utility Hacker, we love wind turbines. We love anything that helps reduce CO2 emissions, and home wind turbines do just that. They use a natural renewable resource to create energy for your home. Read on to learn more and find out what the best home wind turbine is. (HINT HINT, it is the Happybuy Wind Turbine 600W 12V Wind Turbine Generator)

Living in a far off area where there is no electric grid? Or tired of high priced electricity bills? Or do you simply want to contribute towards building an environment friendly atmosphere? Well there is a solution to the entire problem with the purchase of a simple home wind turbine. A residential wind turbine is a simple wind turbine that can be installed in your adjacent area and can produce electricity simply by the currents of wind energy. Well, installing a wind turbine for residential purpose might seem like a new or weird idea to some but don’t worry! We have crafted out this complete guide for a layman to help you out through the whole process.

How windy is your location? Will a Home Wind Turbine Work?

For environment friendly power generation, the first go to
option is solar energy but if you live in a coastal or hilly area where the
breezes bless the weather with their all-time presence then you must consider
the wind turbine option. The wind turbines have a minimum rating of wind speed
required to operate which is usually written on the product description. So you
must check it out and match it with your area wind speed. Well, if you reside
in a very crowd-y neighborhood and are surrounded by skyscrapers or if you live
in an area where there is always a danger of a mighty storm waiting on your
doorstep then you should probably look for other renewable options.

How much electricity can a home wind turbine create?

The electricity production varies from the one brand’s wind
turbine to another. Some really costly wind turbines do provide you with the
power output ranging as high as 2000 Watts but these options come with a
condition of heavy wind that your area might not be able to meet. Generally
they have a power rating ranging from 500 to 1500 Watts which is enough to run
an appliance or two but you can’t go to completely go off-grid. However, if you
are planning to go completely off grid then you must consider other power
source to get in conjunction with wind turbines like solar, fuel generator etc.

Is installing a home wind turbine a safe idea?

There are a lot of misconceptions related to the wind turbines that they cause cancer and other serious diseases but guess what? There is no scientific proof of any of these myths. However, there were few complaints of headache reported due to their sound but that’s all. And most of these complaints come from a neighbor that masters the art of exaggeration. Also, there were a few of the incidents reported of falling off a heavy blade and the risk of hurting someone but gladly these residential wind turbines are comprised of small and lightweight blades that are not going to hurt anyone at all. So relax! Sit back and enjoy your free wind energy!

Factors to consider before buying a Home Wind Turbine:

While you surf websites in search of a ‘right’ wind turbine;
you might get distracted by the lengthy specifications that comes with each
product. So we have solved your problem but narrowing down the key
specifications of these products and discard the rest.


If you are considering of mounting a wind turbine on your
roof then you should also do a homework based on your needs. You need to decide
the number of appliances that you would be using with the power source of a
wind turbine. Then you must find out their individual rating (from the
internet) and then sum them up. So when you check various products you must
check out if their power rating meets with your needs or not.

speed rating

The wind turbines come with the specification that includes
starting, rated and safe wind speed and you must consider them all. As the
starting speed is the minimum wind speed required for power generation. While,
the rated speed is the wind speed required to produce the rated power and the
safe speed is the wind speed beyond which there is a chance of damaging the
turbines due to gusty winds.


Price is always a major factor whenever you are out for
shopping and no one like to burden their pockets especially when they are
buying that product to enhance their saving which is exactly the case with wind
turbines. So you must check out the quality to price ratio as most of the times
the lower price products are low quality.

Best Home Wind Turbine

#1 Best Home Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine 600W 12V Wind Turbine Generator White Lantern Vertical Wind
Generator 5 Leaves Wind Turbine Kit with Controller No Pole (600W 12V, White)

The product to top our list is the wind turbine by Happybuy. This wind turbine is made entirely of high quality aluminum and stainless steel fittings.
It is not only lightweight, small in size, but also compact in shape.The blade material is made of high-strength plastic with 30% carbon fiber and anti-UV anti-corrosion material, which is both beautiful and durable. The generator uses a permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special stator design, making the rotor and generator have more favorable matching characteristics, the unit
operation reliability. The unique magnetic circuit design makes the starting torque very small, which can effectively ensure the wind turbine’s breeze
starting ability.


#2 Best Home Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Generator 800W 12V Businesses 3 Blade with Controller for Marine
RV Homes Industrial Energy

This wind turbine is ideally suited for the leisure sector and is known for charging batteries for boats, gazebos, cabins or mobile homes, as well as for green windmills, home, corporate and industrial energy supplements. The blade is equipped with a copper inlay part that does not damage the nylon fiber when the bolt is tightened, and is not easily deformed or broken. At the same time, the blade is also designed with aerodynamics to make the rotor run smoothly, reliably and quietly. The working temperature is -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C, do not worry about the temperature is too low and cause the leaves to freeze.


#3 Best Wind Turbine 

Small Wind Turbine Generator AC 12Volt or 24Volt,400W Economy Windmill for Wind
Solar Hybrid System 2m/s Start Wind Speed 3 Blades (400Watt 12Volt)

wind turbine who grabbed the third spot in our ranking is the product by
Marsrock. The precise injection is molding
blades together with the optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure.
The blades have high utilization of wind energy which contributes to the annual
energy output. The wind turbine starts up with low speed and has high wind
energy utilization. The beautiful appearance and low vibration just act as a
cherry on top.


More Home Wind Turbines

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