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Best Solar Security Flood Lights

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Are you looking for the best solar security flood lights? Well, I have all the answers for you. Read on to learn more!

Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are solar powered high intensity lights that beam out at a very broad angle. These kinds of light are used to illuminate the large areas especially for security purposes.

Solar Flood Lights VS Traditional Electric Flood Lights

Here is a comparison between Solar and Electric flood lights.

No Fuel cost

One of the main perks for using LED solar flood lights is that it requires no fuel cost as solar energy is present everywhere for everyone. All you need to do is set up solar panel with these flood lights and see the miracle of conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. Running on solar energy means that you do not have to pay anyone for electrical power. This means savings on your electricity bill.

Everywhere Availability

Flood lights are often installed in an area where the electrical source to power lights are not reachable. That’s where the excessive and everywhere availability of sunlight plays it part.  This can be good for outdoor places like gardens, backyards or sheds, or other places without electricity. While at home these solar flood lights can be installed on a front door or garage and can be combined with a motion detector. Using a motion detector allows you to save up more energy and provide longer work time with one charge at time.

Environment Friendly

With the ongoing condition of increasing pollution nations are thinking to initiate Green Environment Projects and are trying to move towards renewables instead of coal and thermo powered power plants. Even if you are not all into green lifestyle, it is good to consider a little bit about environment around you. And solar lights are one of many things that can actually help environment by using alternative energy.

High purchase cost

The solar electric flood lights are more expensive than grid driven electric flood lights due to the additional cost of photovoltaic solar panels. Also it is more expensive when replacement for solar panel is needed and it can be difficult to find rather cheap and good solar panel for specific LED flood light. However, solar panels last up to 25 years before they begin to degrade. It is likely that other parts of the electrical components will break before the solar panel stops working.

But Sometimes Solar Energy alone is not enough

Some flood lights require a large amount of time for battery charging than the rest. Also every light has its own operating time. So it might not be enough for some lights to hold onto the solar charged batteries for longer time in absence of sunlight in rainy days and a pair of additional batteries/power source might be required.

Needs a suitable place with sufficient sunlight

For the best LED solar floodlight effect a good place to set up a light must be chosen. The solar panel needs to be placed in an area where direct sunlight can reach it. Solar panels require correct installation for achieving good efficiency. If you are not living in a sunny area, solar lighting may not be the best option as your flood lighting.

Where to use solar flood Lights?

The solar flood lights are widely used outdoors but their applications is not limited to open areas. They also are widely used indoors with the solar panel installed outside through a power cable. Here are the few examples of places where we they can be installed and are commonly used:

  • as a security light outside the house
  • at a remote garage or shed for security purposes
  • at any buildings entrance as a night light
  • Sign and building number illumination
  • Indoor motion light for the staircases
  • as a night light on a porch
  • Remote shed primary night light source
  • Anywhere outside where you can’t put an electricity line as a security or main light source.

Additional features

Water Proof

These solar powered electric lights are mainly installed outside on streets, garage or outside of a building so they are made waterproof for enduring extreme weather conditions.

Motion Detector

Also to make it energy efficient some of them have an additional feature of motion detector which turns on the light only when it senses a motion in the certain area. This is great in home and backyard use to illuminate road to your garage or front door where you probably would not need light to be turned on and working all night, but just when someone is walking towards the door.

Light Sensor

Also some solar security flood lights have light sensors inside them which turns them on instantly at sunset and then turn them back off at sunrise, therefore saving energy.

Top 3 Best Solar Security Flood Lights

#1 Best Solar Security Flood Lights

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless Waterproof Security Solar Motion Sensor Lights

The #1 best solar security flood light is by Baxia Technology with a size of 4.33 x 5.11 x 2.67 inches. The motion lights turn on automatically when detect a movement within angle of 120º and distance of 10ft
and turn off automatically after 30s without the motion. These lights have an overall customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. They also have an up-ranged 28 LEDs and luminance of 400lm, super bright for your yard, garden and pathway. These lights are designed with no dim mode, to extend the work time and life span.

#2 Best Solar Security Flood Lights

LITOM Solar Lights Outdoors 1.8W Solar Panel IP67 Waterproof Adjustable Installation Angle 3 Optional Modes PIR Solar Motion Light with Wide Angle

The #2 best solar security flood light is by LITOM who has a 90° adjustable angle to install anywhere you want whether on the wall or ground or anywhere else, and you may place the solar panel vertically against the sunlight to maximize the absorption of solar energy. With the adjustable angle design, the PIR sensor range reaches up to 33ft and there is no blind area like other solar lights. Litom solar lights can even sensitively detect a small pets like cats and dogs.

#3 Best Solar Security Flood Lights

Solar Lights Outdoor 120LED Solar Flood Light Weatherproof Solar Powered Lights Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Auto On/Off Solar Security Light

The #3 best solar security flood light is by sunboar. This solar flood light can provide 800-1000 Lumens with 8-12 hours lighting as is equipped with 120 upgraded high power big LEDs and newest energy management chip, which makes these solar light much brighter than other similar solar lights.(the lighting time varies according to your geographical location). IP65-rated waterproofing with sturdy aluminum casing, allows these lights outdoor for optimal performance year-round and in all climates. SunBonar solar flood light is available for both outdoor and indoor to cope with different usage scenarios. The best solar lights for doorway, backyard, garage, driveway, deck, patio, shed, court, swimming pool, billboard, porch, corner.


If you live in a sunny area and want to install the lights for security purposes these solar powered flood lights are the best options to consider. But you do need to look for your requirements in the specific product you want to purchase.

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