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How Big of a Generator do I Need for my Camper

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Are you wondering “How big of a generator do I need for my camper?” Well you have come to the right place! When you can’t plug your camper in at camp grounds, you’re going to need a generator to power your devices. Read on to find out how big of a generator you will need for your camper.

Generator Sizing

Generators are sized in watts. Watts = Amps x Volts. This equation can help you determine how much watts your electronics use. Or you can use the chart below to estimate how much watts your devices use.

Wattage by Appliance

You will need to figure out exactly what you want to use your generator for. For example, maybe you just need to power smaller devices such as the tv and radio, lights and phone. Consider if you want to use the air conditioner or not.

How big of a generator do I need for my camper?

Below is a cheat sheet to find out what size generator you will need for different types of uses.

  • 1000 watt generator – Powers small electronics, lights & small appliances.
  • 2,000 to 3,000 watt generator – Powers everything plus fridge, hot water heater & microwave (not including AC).
  • 3600 to 4000 watt generator – Power everything including the AC

Getting 2 Generators (large & small)

So maybe you have an AC that you only need to power some of the time. Not all of the time. Some people opt to get a small generator for everyday use and then a larger generator for occasions when they will be using the AC and larger loads. You can get a 2000 watt generator to run everything except the AC and a 4000 watt generator to run everything including the AC. Or you can get a 1000 watt generator to run everything except the microwave and the AC.

Think about your usage. It may be pretty small most of the time (if you aren’t using AC), so you could probably get by running a 1000 watt generator, 90% of the time.

Types of Generators

Lower Wattage Solar Battery Generators

For lower wattage uses, you can get by with a solar battery operated generator. These generators are just big batteries that are charged using solar panels, your car battery, or with a regular power outlet. Below are some low wattage solar battery generators that can be used for your camper.

SUNGZU 1000-Watt Portable Power Station Generator, 1010Wh Multi-Functional Energy Storage Box 25.9V / 39Ah Battery Pack for Camping, CPAP, Drone, Emergency Response

This 1000 w portable generator is by Sungzu. Here are some of the features:

  • Are you looking for the power station when your laptop, tablet, SLR, mini refrigerators, drone power off? You deserve this 273000mAh 1010Wh 3.7V powerful charging station. It is a perfect battery backup for camping or emergency, with size of 16*6.4*10.8 inch, portable for traveling with 25.5 lbs portable generator which can satisfy any needs during your trip.
  • AC/DC/USB Outputs & LED display: (2x) AC outlet (max 1000W);2* 12V 8.0A (MAX) DC port; 4* USB 5V 3.0A (MAX) port; Suitable for all kinds of equipment, Can’t support your device more than 1000W. With LED display, power capacity and output devices are clear at a glance. The corresponding icon will turn on if power is supplied to AC, DC, USB power port.
  • Easy recharging: recharged under the sun with the Voltage at 32V~45V Solar panel (Sold Separately) within 12 hours (in full sun) while living outdoors; or recharged from an AC wall outlet within 8 hours.
  • Quiet generator & clean power eco-friendly: no fuel or gasoline needed, no fumes, no clanging! the KMASHI generator is completely safe to use inside your house, tent, and car. It’s also silent which makes it the perfect generator alternative to have on hand for any event;
  • WHAT YOU GET: KMASHI 1000W portable generator, AC adapter, power cord, 5521 to cigarette lighter, micro usb cable, 8* fuse, user manual, our worry-free 18 months warranty and friendly customer service. Kindly note: Before using generator firstly, insert fuse and recharge this unit about 30 seconds to acitve generator. Please refer to the manual for details.

Nature’s Generator – 1800W Solar & Wind Powered Generator – Gold System

  • Nature’s Generator has a built-in 1800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and Internal 60 AH battery; Helps produce 720 watt hours of total output on a single charge.
  • System includes 1 x 100W Polycrystalline Nature’s Generator Power Panel with built-in wheels for ease of transport and movement. Also includes 50ft power panel cable for easily connecting the Power Panel to the Nature’s Generator (some assembly required).
  • The Nature’s Generator features 3 x 120V AC outlets, 2 x USB ports that produce 3A of combined power , 1 x 12V DC outlet, 1 x Solar Input (200W charge controller built-in) and 1 x Wind Input (300W charge controller built-in).
  • The front of the Nature’s Generator also features a light up LCD screen that gives the user a view of the battery level, charging status, output usage (above 100W) and more!
  • The back panel of the Nature’s Generator also has a built-in 600-Volt/175 Amp expansion port for connecting an unlimited amount of Nature’s Generator Power Pods.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station WiFi Mobile App Enabled 1425Wh Silent Gas Free Generator Alternative with 1500 Watt (3000 Watt Surge) AC Inverter, USB, USB-C, USB-PD, 12V Outputs

  • 1425Wh lithium portable power station can power up to 10 devices at once (single cell equivalent capacity: 396Ah @3.6V)
  • Patented AC inverter (output, pure sine wave) and 60W USB-C power delivery ports
  • WiFi connectivity, simply connect a Yeti through your WiFi router and control it remotely using the Yeti App
  • Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, drones, and more. Powers your refrigerator, blender, TV, lights, power tools and medical devices
  • Using App, check battery level, power in and out, even turn ports on and off, all from the palm of your hand.

Benefits of Solar Battery Generators

This type of generator is great because they have no noise, unlike gas generators. Small Generators are just quiet boxes of energy. They do not emit an harmful greenhouse gasses. Solar battery generators are better for the environment and better for your overall health. They don’t require gas to be charged, so you will be saving money on that.

Higher Wattage Gas Generators

If you need more wattage for an AC, you are going to need a gas generator. This generators have combustion engines and run on gasoline. Below are some examples of higher wattage gas generators you can use for your camper.

Pulsar 4,000W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator with Remote Start & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, PG4000iSR

  • 4, 000 peak watts/ 3, 500 running watts
  • Capable of up to 15 hours of extended operation at half load on 3. 4 gallons of fuel
  • Convenient wireless remote start allows you to operate the unit from up to 80 ft away
  • Quiet operation (63 db) make it virtually silent from just 10 Feet away
  • Compact design with extendable Handle and Never-Flat wheels for easy handling and storage capability
  • Stable sine WAVE Technology provides pure, safe electrical power for powering and charging laptops, cell phones, and other sensitive electronic devices
  • Parallel capability allows you to easily connect 2 PG4000iSR units together for increased power output
  • Featuring (1) 120V 20Amp Duplex outlet, (1) 120V 30Amp RV outlet, (1) 12V DC 8Amp outlet & (1) integrated USB outlets W/parallel sockets for charging and powering multiple devices
  • Includes: Spark Plug Wrench, 10W30 Oil Bottle (600ML) & Funnel, and backed by a 1 Year Limited Parts & Labor
  • Carb, EPA, & CSA approved

Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready DH Series Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology

  • Advanced Open Frame Inverter Design – 50% quieter and 20% lighter than a traditional Champion 3500-watt generator, plus our Economy Mode feature saves fuel and extends engine life, No GFCI Outlets
  • Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time – 64 dBA is great for RVs, tailgating, your next project or home backup, with 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts for up to 17 hours run time on gasoline
  • Clean electricity for sensitive electronics – RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets with clean power (less than 3% THD) and 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter
  • Parallel Ready – Increase your power output by connecting up to two 2800-watt or higher inverter or digital hybrid with the optional Parallel Kit
  • Champion Support – Includes 3-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts

A-iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator CARB/EPA, 2000 Watt, RV Ready

  • 2000 peak watt/1600 running watt 1. 1-Gal. Fuel tank. Provides up to 7 hours of run time at 50% load
  • A-iPower exclusive eco-throttle system provides 9 hour run time at 50% load
  • 58D BA noise lvl ensures quiet operation so you won’t wake up your neighbor & wife, perfert fit for camping, trailer travel, on site work or power outage. Eba/CARB ready ship to all 50 States
  • A-iPower world leading inverter technology provides a safer & Cleaner electric flow for all your application
  • Parrelle ready for double power, no parrelle kit or outlets needed for parreling, you can even pair Our generator with Yamaha and other brands
  • 3 Years Manufacture buy with confidence, call (909) 923-2068 for tech support or spec inquiries
  • 58 dBA @ 50% Load – 21’ / 7m

Benefits of Gas Generators

The main benefit of gas generators is power and cost. Gas generators can give you more power for less cost. Some newer gas generators have quiet technology so they are not as loud as they used to be. They do still emit gasses that are harmful for the environment, so keep that in mind when choosing a generator.


Hopefully I have helped you answer the question, “How big of a generator do I need for my camper?” There are many different sizes of generators for different types of uses. There are also battery or gas powered generators. If you are interested in solar powered generators, check out our solar generator guide. What type of generator do you have? Leave a message in the comments below!

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