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Nest E vs Nest 3

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If you are wondering what the differences are between the Nest E vs Nest 3, read-on to find out!

A smart thermostat automatically keeps track of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning of your home and adjusts it the way you want. Smart thermostats are becoming more popular and smarter than ever before.

The demand of these smart thermostats has sky rocketed since Nest’s release of their first smart thermostat. But the competition in this industry is fierce as more features are added from time to time. Also, Nest is also considered as one the best brands in thermostat business.

Recently, Nest released its two versions of smart thermostats i.e. Nest E and Nest 3rd generation thermostat. Both of these smart thermostats come with improved and splendid features. What really sets them apart is their environment friendly behavior.

Today we will be discussing a detailed and an in-depth over-view of different features of both smart thermostats. We will take into consideration different features like design, interface, voice recognition, sensors, warranty, Geofencing and performance etc.

nest E vs nest 3

1] Nest E vs Nest 3 – Easy installation process:

Both of the Nest’s products have fairly simple and straight forward installation process. The first and the foremost step is to remove an old thermostat, if you have any. And don’t worry about the required tools, because all the necessary tools are already provided by Nest in their Kit. Moeover, you can refer to the user manual page and have a go through. By the time you have read the user manual, you should have figured out everything regarding the installation of Nest E and Nest 3. It would be piece of cake for you by then.

2] Nest E vs Nest 3 – Design:

For a smart thermostat, a unique and easy to the eye design is a must. Both of these smart thermostats have an equally elegant and smart design. Nest E has a 3.19 inch diameter that comes with a resolution of 320 x 320 or 182ppi. It has a circular shape which is white in color with a diameter of 81mm.

While Nest 3 has an also elegant design with a 3.3 diameter and 1.26 inches thickness. It has 480 x 480 resolutions which surpass Nest E’s resolution. It comes with a dialing method which makes entering inputs easy. And it weighs round about a pound.

Both of the smart thermostats have this great feature where they blend in with their surroundings and fit in, so that they do not look odd. Furthermore, both have 1 year warranty.

3] Geo fencing:

So, what is Geo fencing?

Basically, Geofencing is a position locating system based on GPS system. GPS is your current position based on your mobile phone. It simply means that when you are away from your home, the smart thermostat will enable the Away Mode which further enables energy saving mode. In energy saving mode, the smart thermostat will cut off heat or air conditioning which will cut off your electricity bills by saving electricity. And when are your back home, it automatically shifts to Home mode and sets your normal temperature settings ON.

Both of these smart thermostats have this feature built in. So, we will consider this as a draw.

4] Full control through Mobile app:

Both of the smart thermostats can be controlled through a mobile app. You can easy download Nest app on your phone and connect it with the smart thermostats. On the app, you can access the energy history of smart thermostat. You can control, literally, everything related to your smart thermostat. A lot of users have reported smooth functioning of the app which is another positive and great feature.

5] Smart Sensors:

You should be familiar with the term “Sensors” but what are smart Sensors?

Smart sensors are different and advanced as they learn our routine and schedules by tracking temperature changes throughout the day. And then channels the settings automatically which results in energy savings. In this way, room sensors cut off your billing cost thus saving you money.

The Nest thermostat 3 can work with every HVAC system which gives it full control over cooling and heating process. Another great feature is its 1-degree temperature swing. It means that if your current room temperature changes by a difference of 1 degree, only then it will start. At the start, Nest E takes approximately a week to pick up your current temperature schedule.

Furthermore, the smart thermostat also takes into account humidity and light factors. Not just that it tracks outside temperature too for better adjustment of inside air conditioning. Plus, another cool feature is that the smart thermostat will even tell you the required time for attaining a certain temperature.

While Nest Thermostat E does not support any upgraded HVAC system as it has only 6 wire terminals. This is actually a good thing because it allows you to have an easy basic home thermostat system. You don’t need to do the complicated tasks yourself. And last but not the least, that you do not any C wire in NEST E smart thermostat.

6] Third Party Apps:

Both of the smart thermostats i.e. Nest E and Nest 3 have capability to connect with wide a range of apps. One cool feature is its Alexa integration, because who wants to stand up from his couch every time to change temperature settings. This is where this voice recognition feature really comes in handy. And not just Alexa but Cortana can also be connected for voice recognition. Nest E has this another notable feature in which it can connect with Smart Things. Although, Nest 3 lack this additional feature.

Final Verdict:

Both of the smart thermostats have similar features and there is not much difference. But there are 2 main differences. First one is farsight feature which is only present in Nest 3. The second difference is concerning HVAC compatibility in which Nest 3 tops Nest E.

If you are short on budget, then Nest E is a way better choice than Nest 3 as Nest E does not have HVAC compatibility. On the other hand, if you have the budget and want to enjoy full and improved features, go for Nest 3rd generation thermostat.

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