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Solar Electric Fence Charger Reviews

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Are you looking for solar powered electric fence charger reviews? Well look no more! In this article I will discuss how solar electric fences work, how to install a solar powered electric fence, and list and compare the best solar electric fences on the market today.

What is a Solar Powered Electric Fence?

A Solar Electric Fence is powered by solar energy that protects the fenced land by introducing a sharp, painful but safe electric shock whenever an intruder tries to cross the fence. Any animal or human, who has received this shock, will not come close to the fence again even if it is powered off. Solar electric fences are powered by solar power, while traditional electric fences are wired underground to a wall outlet, or battery powered.

How does a solar powered electric fence work?

Solar Energy is collected through photovoltaic solar panels converting it into electrical energy; this energy is stored in battery which is then used to operate the energizer.  The energizer produces short and sharp voltage pulses. The live wire of the energizer is connected to the fence while the earth wire is connected to ground so when an animal touches the fence it completes the circuit by giving current a path to flow from the live wire to the ground through its body. That’s how an intruder ends up in receiving a shock. Proper care should be taken in grounding the fence as it is the most important part of the circuit.

Advantages of solar electric fences vs. AC powered fences

Suitable for far off areas

Electric fencing is used mainly for the protection of crops or livestock which are generally situated in country area where the supply of electricity is not very common. Solar electric fences are perfect for a distant farm where the access to electricity is not possible.

Easy maintenance

In solar electric fences, the batteries gets recharged by the sun themselves while for AC powered fences you need to recharge the battery yourself when the power is low. Also, the solar electric fence batteries last longer than the traditional powered fences batteries.

Low operating cost

An electric fence is used to keep your land and crops save from any outside trouble specially animals. But this will add up to your electricity bill and may not be economical.  To save you from this trouble; the solar electric fences are fully powered by Solar Energy and do not cause a spike in electric bills.

Weather dependent

A fully charged battery of a solar electric fence may last for a couple of weeks but it is going to be a problem if the battery is not fully charged and there is not much sunlight for days.

High purchase cost

The solar electric fence is costly than a grid driven electric fence due to the additional cost of photovoltaic solar panels. However, if you are paying for the electricity costs to power the fence, you will save money on the solar electric fence in the long run.

How to install a solar electric fence?

Installing a solar electric fence is an easy task and does not require any professional help but only some basic equipment. Follow these simple steps for the installation of solar electric fence.

  • Dig the holes and set up poles for fencing. The length of the poles depends upon the intended use and the kind of charger you are using. If you want to control animals like horses the post will be taller than for smaller animals.
  • Install fencing wires by running it from one post and covering all the poles.
  • Dig another post and mount charging unit on it near to the fence line but also outside the fence area. Install it in a place where it receives sunlight for maximum amount of time and should face south.  Also take care that it does not get covered by shades.
  • Use 3 inch ground rods spaced 10 inches apart at least 50 inches from other electrical grounds.
  • Now connect the negative part of the solar charger to the grounding rod and the positive part of the solar part to the fencing wire.
  • Give it a proper time for fully energizing the charger and then turn the voltage on. Test the fence voltage from time to time to make sure the fence is working properly.

Best Solar Electric Fence Charger Reviews

Best solar electric fence for large yards

Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Low Impedance 12 Volt Battery Operated 30 Mile Range Electric Fence Charger

The best solar electric fence for large yard is by Parmak. It has no operating cost as it uses sun’s energy in the daylight and a 12 V battery, included in the package, for the night operation. It charges up to 30 miles of fence thus ideal for large pastures. It has low impedance for maximum power ensuring longer life. It also has a performance meter to show the condition of fence. With 3.1+ joule output, it can control animals like Horse, Bear, Deer, Predator, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Dog etc.

Best solar electric fence for small yards

Gallagher S10 solar fence energizer

The best solar electric fence for small yards is by Gallagher.  With range of 3 miles and several solar technological improvements makes it ideal for most portable fencing projects as well as garden pest protection and even small horse and livestock areas. It is very tough, drop resistant, including waterproof casing with built-in lightning protection. It is designed to be left outside in all weather conditions. It can automatically slows down at night when livestock are less active to conserve battery power and can last up to 3 weeks without sunlight. Its lightweight and portability makes it easy to install and modified.

Best solar electric fence for medium yards

Zareba ESP10M-Z 10-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Fence Charger

The number 3 best solar electric fence is by Zareba. The energizer has 10 mile range and also has an indicator light which flashes when energy is on the fence. Use this electric fence energizer on remote areas of your property to power your fence lines. Featuring a durable case, this energizer delivers 0.15 output joules and is best for short-haired animals, including horses, cattle and pigs. This charger features a built-in solar panel that collects the sun’s energy and stores it, allowing you to run a fence for up to 2 weeks without a charge.

Best Solar Fence Charger Comparison Chart


With all the information you now have; you can pick the best solar electric fence for yourself. But do consider the following factors before making a final decision; type of fence line, area of fence and number of wire strands, weed conditions and type of animal controlled.

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