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The Green New Deal Explained

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What is the Green New Deal?

Green New Deal is a resolution proposed by congress in order to tackle climate change, economic inequality and racism in United States of America (USA). This grand plan was introduced by two democrats known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Edward J. Markey. The main features of Green New Deal include eradication of fossil fuels from USA and the suppression of greenhouse gases from its different states along with high wages and job creation in the clean energy departments.

Most of the experts are in favor of the Green New Deal as they believe that it can reduce the risk concerning climate change and has the potential to reduce the number of greenhouse gases which will ultimately regulate the average temperature of our planet. On the other hand, some experts simply consider this as another vague theory due to its prolonged list of social programs and the strain it will have on the budget. This deal enlightens the fact that a whole set of changes are required in USA if we want to reap full benefits. In addition to battling climate change, once carried out effectively, it can lift up a vulnerable portion of people in the United States.

How The Green New Deal Got Its Name

In order to recover from the chaos of The Great Depression, a government transformation initiated by President Roosevelt took place. This makeover of the government was named “New deal”. This is where it got the unique name. The New Deal same as Green New Deal had a broad scope of aims and goals covering economy, society, environment and more departments of life.

Analysis of the plan:

Ocasio-Cortez has proposed some maneuvers in the Green New deal for tackling the existing and arising problems of climate change and economic inequality. The plan stresses on developing resistance against disasters such as droughts or wildfires. It also focuses to reduce CO2 emission in the air due to vehicles by upgrading the US transportation to an electric transportation system.

The plan (phase 1) aims to bring down carbon emissions within 10 years. It plans to upgrade the USA’s electricity system into a smart, renewable system with zero emissions, and up gradation of infrastructure in USA for increased energy efficient buildings. The majority of electric power in the US comes from Natural Gas that is not renewable and that emits CO2 into the air when it is burned to create power. The electric grid is going to have to convert its power sources to renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, wind power, battery storage, and hydro-power.

The deal also aims to replace the old transportation system with a brand new one. One with electric cars and high speed rail. It can prove to be a revolutionary step in the transportation industry which can aid in bringing down carbon emissions and by creating more ease and safety for the general public. Electric cars are not only safer than gas guzzlers, they create less pollution and in turn we will not be in contact with smoke and gas fumes each day of our lives.

According to the Green New Deal, the USA should cut off fossil fuel generated electricity which would unfortunately result in the loss of millions of jobs. The community of people in USA related to the fossil fuel related industry will be affected to a great extent. But Green New Deal assures job training and economic growth for that chunk of population.

The 3 main objectives of Green New Deal are as follows:

1] Decrease in greenhouse gas emission due to human activities

2] Aims to bring down emissions to zero percent by 2050

3] High wages for clean energy department

Aims of the Green New Deal:

Most people believe that Green New Deal is just related to climate and environment due to word “Green” in it. In reality, the scope of this deal is not only limited to climate but to inequality regarding racism and the economy also. It aims to reduce the number of greenhouses keeping in check the average temperature of the Earth.

In order to achieve its goals, The Green New Deal suggests USA to shift to 100 percent renewable energy. It also strains to change the behavior and lifestyle of people all over the world because humans are the leading factor contributing in the climate change and global warming. Plus, the USA wants to lead by example for other nations and act a stepping stone.

It was the need of the hour to initiate something like this because United Nations has already warned about concerned future conditions considering the likes of recent cases involving droughts, heat waves and forests on fire. Recently, wildfires were reported in Australia which resulted in loss of wildlife and large acres of forests. Reports estimate that 450 million to 1 billion animals were killed. We are not just taking about USA here but about the whole world. The Green New Deal focuses on the bigger picture.

The Green New Deal has much to offer if we look at its aims and goals in depth. It is a revolutionary step as it can prevent many chaotic and horrendous situations resulting due to global warming such as droughts, mass migrations, wildfires and God knows what. The average temperature of our planet has been on a rise during the past few decades. Same is the case with CO2 emissions as they have also been increasing due to vehicles and electricity production from fossil fuels.

In a nutshell, Green New Deal promises to deliver following things:

  • Quality health facilities
  • Higher education which is free of cost
  • Safe and adequate housing for the public
  • Clearing out large scale waste areas
  • Access to clean air and water
  • More labor force
  • Guaranteed job with high wages and with job security

The outcomes put forth by Green New Deal looks promising if carried out professionally.

“NON Climate” features of Green New Deal:

As discussed earlier, this deal is not just limited to climate or environment as it covers other sectors of life such as society and economy. This deal is basically a plan to restructure USA and its economy by taking necessary measures. It has a broad spectrum list of goals. Many people confuse that Green New Deal is just limited to environment sector but the reality is that this deal has the potential to restructure different departments of USA such as:

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Climate
  • Economy
  • Environment

Potential Losses if Green New Deal fails:

In the worst case scenario, the economy of USA can be on stake as it could lose billions to it. Not just USA but the whole world has to pay the price in case if New Green Deal fails. If situation gets worse, people might have to migrate in large groups in case of climatic emergency. 99% coral reefs will have vanished from the face of Earth by then. Furthermore, billions of dollars will be lost along with extreme conditions of weather like droughts, floods and wildfires etc.

All of the above is just a glimpse of what can happen if Green New Deal fails. But let’s be optimistic and face reality at the same time. Green New Deal has a lot to offer for the world. As, it has a long list of features in almost every department not just climate.

Long story short, Green New Deal can turn out to be one of the major bills passed in this century and would remain crucial in the 2020 American elections as well. We are talking about the restructuring of the US economy and the threats related to the world due to global warming. The Green New Deal has covered it all under its belt and if all its plans are carried out proficiently, we will save the world and economy for our children and grandchildren.

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