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Best Electric Lawn Mower 2019

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What is an Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers are the way of the future! They do not use gas, they use either an extra long extension cord, or a rechargeable battery. They are better for the environment and better for your wallet. Read on to find the best electric lawn mower!

How Do Electric Lawn Mowers Work?

All lawn mowers feature a motor and a rotating blade that cuts the grass. Electric lawn mowers were actually invented in 1926. The motor in electric lawn mowers are powered by an extension cord, a battery or by solar power.

Why You Should Buy an Electric Lawn Mower

Do you have a gas lawn mower where you have to pull the cord to get the engine running? Do you ever have trouble getting it started? You know, when you have to pull and pull the cord several times, until FINALLY it starts? Well electric lawn mowers just have a button to press and voila, its on!

No more gas. You don’t have to buy gas, fill up gas tanks, spill gas on your clothes, or smell like gas anymore. Electric lawn mowers are safer and healthier too, because you are not inhaling gas fumes or you know dealing with a flammable liquid. Also, if you have children, you don’t have to worry about storing hazardous gas that they can get into. Also, you will never run out of gas.

You will save money in the long run. You don’t have to buy gas or oil to fill up your lawn mower. Gas can be pricey at $3 to $4 per gallon. The electricity costs to run an electric lawn mower is cheaper than the cost to purchase gasoline and oil. It’s true! Let’s do the math. Watts = Amps x Volts, 12 amps x 120 V = 1440 watts or 1.44 KWH. So to run a lawn mower that is 12 amps, for an hour, you will use 1.44 kwh. If you look at your electric bill, the energy costs can be anywhere from 10 to 20 cents per kwh. So at 20 cents per kwh, you will pay 25 cents in electricity to run the lawn mower for 1 hour.

They are quiet. No more loud lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers are quiet. You can listen to music, talk to your kids, or ponder about life while you mow because electric lawn mowers are quiet compared to gas lawn mowers.

Disadvantages of Electric Lawn Mowers

On some electric lawn mowers, you have to purchase an extension cord. Some electric lawn mowers don’t have rechargeable batteries so you have to purchase a very long extension cord. Not only does that complicate storage matters, you have to figure out how to mow your yard without running over the extension cord. If you have trees or have to go around corners or if you have a very large yard, you should probably not purchase an electric lawn mower that requires an extension cord.

HOWEVER, if you don’t want to use an extension cord, there are battery operated electric lawn mowers on the market that will better suit your needs.

Electric Lawn Mower Amps

So what does the Amps rating mean on electric lawn mower? Amps or amperage is the measure of volume of electrons in an electric current. Corded lawn mowers are rated in amps between 9 and 14 amps. The higher the amps the more power flows through the cord. This might mean higher rated amps are more powerful lawn mowers. However, it is up to the manufacturer who created the motor to ensure that it uses the amps efficiently. Some 12 amp lawn mowers are better than other 12 amp lawn mowers.

Electric Lawn Mower Volts

Volts describe the potential difference within the battery of an electric lawn mower. It is basically how much energy is required to get from the positive charge to the negative charge of the battery. Voltage is the amount of work needed to move a charge from one point of the battery to another or the amount of current within the battery.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2019

Ok enough with the history lesson. Here are the best electric lawn mowers of 2019.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2019 (for smaller yards)

GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022, 20 inch

This lawn mower has everything you need for an electric corded lawn mower. It is perfect for small yards. This lawn mower is rated at 12 amps, which is a good amount of power. It is corded, which can be a draw back for some. The deck size is 20-inches. It weighs 56 lbs and has 7 levels of grass height adjustments. It has a mulch bag and a push button start.

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 2019 (for medium sized yards)

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included 25322

This battery operated electric lawn mower comes with a 40v lithium battery. It is best for up to 1/2 acre yards and runs for up to 60 minutes on a fully charged battery. It also has a battery level indicator so you can tell how much juice you have left. Works for mulching. It is light weight, at only 37.5 lbs.

Best Electric Lawn Mower 2019 (for Large Yards) THE BEAST!

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included GLM801602

This electric lawn mower is a beast! It has everything you need to mow up to 1 acre of grass. The deck size is 21-inches. It will run for up to 60 minutes on 1 battery. It is pretty heavy weighing 79.5 lbs. This lawn mower comes with 2 batteries, so when one dies, you can switch it out and keep mowing! It also has a quick charge feature to charge your batteries faster.

Best Mulching Electric Lawn Mower 2019

Sun Joe MJ408E 20-Inch 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower + Mulcher, w/Side Discharge Chute

This electric mulching lawn mower has a 14.5 gallon grass collection bag. It has a powerful 12 amp motor with a 20 inch cutting width. For mulching it also features a side discharge accessory. And importantly is is able to mow with zero carbon emissions. It is powered by cord.


Electric lawn mowers come with just as many great features as gas lawn mowers and are better for the environment and better for your wallet and health. So next time your old gas lawn mower won’t start, think about going for an electric lawn mower instead. Happy mowing!!

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