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Best LED Tube Lights 2019

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It’s time to replace your tubes! If you are still using the old florescent tube lights, you could save money by switching to LED tube lights.

Did you know that the long florescent tube lights in your office can be replaced by LED lights with little to no change to the ballast? LED manufacturers have created tube lights that fit where your old florescent lights used to be. Use the calculator below to see how much you can save annually by replacing your old florescent tube lights with LED tube lights.

LED Tube Lights are Cheaper

For example, if you have a small office with 10 panel lights with 4 bulbs each, that is 40 bulbs at 44 watts per bulb. If you switch out the florescent lights with led lights, you will have 40 bulbs at 18 watts per bulb. How many kwh annually is that? For the florescent lights you will be using 5,632 kwh per year on lighting. With the LED lights, you will be using 2,120 kwh annully for lighting. That is LESS THAN HALF of the kwh that traditional bulbs consume. At approximately 10 cents per kwh, you will save $351 per year on your electric bill. For a small business, that savings is valuable.

LED Tube Lights are Better for the Environment

Not only will you be saving money on your electric bill, you will also be saving the environment. How energy is created is something most people don’t think about. Natural Gas is excavated from the earth and burned to create the electricity we consume each day. Not only are we polluting by consuming electricity, but we are also using up valuable finite resources, and making the rich richer…you know the people who own the monopolies that provide us energy. So, switching to LED’s is a win-win scenario! Not only that, the cost of LEDs has gone down a lot in frequent years, so switching to LED is a no brainer.

Top Brands: Sunco Lighting, Hyperikon, Parmida, Philips, JESLED, Brillihood, CNSUNWAY

Whether you need a 2ft, 4ft, or 8ft tube light for your office or shop, there are a variety of other specs to choose from and things to take into consideration. Do you want to pay top dollar for a name brand, such as Philips, or pay less for a lesser known brand and still get the same value? We have listed our top LED Light picks for 2019 below, based on quality and value.

Best LED Tube Lights

Best LED Tube Light: Best Reviews

Hyperikon T8 T10 T12 LED Light Tube, 4FT, Dual-End Powered, Easy Ballast Removal Installation, 18W (48W equivalent), 2340 Lumens, 5000K (Crystal White Glow), Clear Cover, DLC & UL – (4 Pack)

Best LED Tube Light: Best Value

Sunco Lighting 10 Pack 4FT T8 LED Tube, 18W=40W Fluorescent, Clear Cover, 5000K Daylight, Single Ended Power (SEP), Ballast Bypass, Commercial Grade – UL & DLC Listed

Best LED Tube Light: Best Value in Bulk

(20 Pack) Parmida LED T8 Light Tube, Type B, 4FT, 18W (40W Equivalent), 2200lm, UL-Listed for Single & Dual-Ended Connection, Ballast Bypass, 5000K, Shatterproof, UL, DLC

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