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What Is the Best Survival Tool – Top 8 Survival Tools

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Whether you are a prepper or planning for a trip into wilderness, it is always a good idea to know what is the best survival tool. Therefore, today we will talk about the best survival tools easily available at your local store.

It is impossible to know whether you will be met with a natural disaster while on your trip. Or, you are a prepper, who is looking to stock up resources in case of a calamity. Either way, being prepared is what will increase your chances of survival. We have already talked about best prepper foods and prepper items in detail. Here, we will be focusing on surviving tools like fire starters, first aids, maps, etc.

We have put together a list of survival tools which are highly recommended by experts.

What Is the Best Survival Tool List:

1. Survival Knife:

The knife is a multi-purpose tool. While being out there in wilderness, you can use a knife to chop off firewood for cooking or lighting a fire and clear pathways. Moreover, you can use it for your own personal safety purposes. It depends upon person to person whether they want to carry a sharp edged knife with them or not. But, if you are in survival mode, it is always a good idea to have a sharp knife in your backpack. That is why we have kept knife at number 1 of our what is the best survival tool list.

You should prefer a knife with a sharp blade and one which is lightweight. Plus, handling it with proper technique is also strongly recommended. If you want to go for something more than just a knife, try getting a hatchet. It covers all uses of knife, plus it can be used to build a shelter in un-even conditions. So if you are asking what is the best survival tool, there is your answer.

2. Map and Compass:

It gets frustrating when you do not know where you are or where you want to go. We always like to be in control, therefore we have added a map and compass on our list for best survival items. Now, some might say why we would need a map and compass when we have a GPS on our brand new phone right in our pocket with electrifying speed. In an ideal case, yes, phone GPS would suffice. But this is partly correct, as phone batteries can run out pretty quickly even with power banks and you might be in a no connectivity region. So, a map and compass is strongly recommended and you should know how to use them, too. It is not too hard by the way, you can learn it online.

3. Para cord:

For a survivalist out in the wilderness, a high quality Para cord/rope is a must. You should choose a lightweight, nylon based Para cord. You can use it to repair broken things and use it for fishing too. Moreover, you can use it to even build a shelter and keep food away from animals by hanging on nearby trees. Did you know that Para cord is used in wars by soldiers due to its endurance and quality? 

Actually, the uses of a Para cord are endless. Whatever the circumstances are, you should always have a Para cord in your list for what is the best survival tool.

4. Water purifiers and filters:

We are 75 % water and need water daily. Water is never out of the equation when it comes to surviving. You can carry some limited amount of water with you but soon you will run out due to its frequent consumption. For survivalists, it is recommended to carry a water filter with them. You can get water from the nearest source like lake or river, and filter it using that water purifier.

5. Emergency Whistle:

Never forget to have a whistle in your backpack when going outside into the wilderness. It is preferred to have a loud whistle. If you get lost from your partners, you can use it to let them know of your location. Experts recommend keeping whistle with you all the time if you are in the wilderness.

6. Sources for Fire:

You will need fire for cooking and warmth. Therefore, pack some matches and lighters with you. It is one of the essentials for survival. You can boil water, cook some food and most importantly scare off wild animals with it. The chances of survival are drastically improved if you have fire starting mechanism. These include matches, striker or lighters. Use them wisely and only when required while in wilderness.

7. Duct Tape:

Duct tape is a great little addition in our list here. First of all, a duct tape takes little to no space. And more importantly, you can use it for numerous purposes. Like, if you run out of rope, you can use it. To our surprise, it can be twisted to make quite a strong rope. If you have ran out of band aids in your first aid kit, you can always use duct tape for covering wounds of all sorts. Make sure to remove the adhesive strength of it so it does not affect the wound in any way.

8. Signal Mirror:

Whistles and signal mirrors are used for the same purposes but in a different context. A whistle is used for creating a high pitched sound loud enough to be heard over a large radius. As clear from its name (a signal mirror), its purpose is self-explanatory. It is used to signal others in case you get stranded somewhere; you can use a signal mirror to notify others of your location. Such mirrors reflect sunlight very strongly, thus resulting in a bright surface visible from up to many miles.

What is the Best Survival Tool Conclusion

I hope my article helped you discover what is the best survival tool. It is important to have these tools and know how to use them. Just like our ancestors used long ago, before there was electricity, convenience stores, and cars. Hopefully we will not go back to that state of civilization, but just in case we do at some point for some period of time, it is important to know what is the best survival tool. Be safe, keep your things organized and always prepare in advance.

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