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Best Electric Smoker 2019

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What are Electric Smokers

Electric smokers use electricity to produce heat and smoke food at a low temperature for long periods of time. The 2 main components of a smoker are low heat, and smoke for flavor. In electric smokers, have a heat chamber where wood is placed to create smoke. Unlike propane, or charcoal smokers, all that is needed to produce heat on an electric smoker is access to an electrical outlet. The temperature of the smoker is controlled by a temperature control panel.

Benefits of Electric Smokers vs. Propane Smokers

One of the main benefits of electric smokers is safety. Electric smokers don’t use an open flame or flammable gasses.

Electric smokers are also larger than propane smokers. The chambers are larger so you can make more meat.

Electric smokers are better for the environment and produce less waste. Although propane is a relatively clean burning fuel, it does produce carbon emissions and other harmful greenhouse gases when being burned. High concentrations of propane gas can cause suffocation, cardiac arrest, or unconsciousness. We here at utility hackers are all about saving the environment and saving the planet so when it comes to smokers, electric smokers get our vote!

Some prefer propane or coal smokers because they are portable and can be used anywhere without having to use extension cords. However, electric smokers can be used anywhere if you have a portable generator that can power it. And if you have a solar powered generator, then more the better! If you have a gas powered generator powering an electric smoker that would kind of defeat the purpose.

Electric Smoker Reviews 2019

#1 Best Electric Smoker

Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker

This electric smoker is made by Smokin-It. It holds up to 22 lbs of meat per load. It weighs 73 lbs and is 12.5 x 17.2 x 13.5 inches. It is easy to assemble and can make an amateur smoker cook like a pro. If you are looking for quality and craftmanship, this is the smoker for you. The smoker is all stainless steel and made in the USA. You can set the temperature and leave it alone to do the job. You don’t have to nurse this smoker like you would a traditional non-electric smoker. Also, the heating element is easy and inexpensive to replace, if it should ever fail. However, with the quality of this smoker, it should last you several years. Set it and forget it!

#2 Best Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

This electric smoker is made by Masterbuilt. This smoker is cool because it is portable. It comes with legs that fold under for easy transportation. The Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker weighs 21.6 lbs and has dimensions of 15.9 x 23.6 x 23.4 inches. It can hold anywhere from 15 to 20 lbs of meat depending on the cut. The temperature indicator is located on the front door. This electric smoker is a great alternative to a full size smoker.

#3 Best Electric Smoker

Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker

The #3 best electric smoker is the Smokin-It Model 2. This electric smoker is more expensive than the Smokin-It Model 1. The dimensions are 24x30x22 and it weighs a whopping 114 lbs. Like the Model 1, this smoker is well built and made in the USA. The Smokin-It company also has great customer service if you have any issues with your smoker. The main differences between the Model 2 and the Model 1 are the size and the heating element. The Model 2 is larger and has an 800 watt heating element as opposed to a 400 watt heating element.

#4 Best Electric Smoker

Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric Smoker Oven

This electric smoker is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but it has excellent reviews. It can be used at home or in a business setting. It is made of stainless steel and holds 20-25 lbs of meat. It has a 750 w heating element with a digital temperature temperature control and a temperature probe.

#5 Best Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker Front Controller, 30-Inch, Black

This is a 30 inch digital smoker made by Masterbuilt. It is great for beginners and pro cooks. This smoker weighs only 50 lbs and is 19.7 x 16.9 x 32.1 inches in dimension. It is available in stainless steel with a window or solid black with no window. The unit with a window costs more and windows tend to lose heat which in turn causes the heating mechanism to work harder and use more energy. Plus, with the solid black model, you can simply open the door to view the meat if needed. This one also has a built in meat thermometer with a remote control so you can check the meat temperature while you are maxin’ and relaxin’.

Electric Smoker Cooking Time Chart

Now that you have your electric smoker, it’s time to start cooking some meat! Hooray for meat! Below is a chart that shows the time and temperature you should cook each type of meat on.

Type of MeatSmoking TempTime to CompleteFinished Temp
Brisket (sliced)2251.5 hours/lb180
Brisket (pulled)2251.5 hours/lb195
beef ribs2253 hours175
pork butt (sliced)2251.5 hours/lb175
pork butt (pulled)2251.5 hours/lb190-205
whole chicken2504 hours167
chicken thighs2501.5 hours 167
chicken quarters2503 hours167
whole turkey2406.5 hours170
turkey leg2504 hours165
turkey wings2252.5 hours165
boudin2302.5 hours165
breakfast sausage2303 hours160
patties2253 hours165
meat loaf250-3003 hours160
meatballs2251 hour165
spare ribs225-2406 hours172
baby back ribs225-2405 hours168
smoked corn2251.5 – 2 hoursn/a
smoked potatoes2252 – 2.5 hoursn/a


If you want to cook excellent meat, then think about getting an electric smoker. They have a lot of advantages over non-electric smokers and they are better for the environment and your health. My mouth is watering just thinking about all of those tasty meats. Happy smoking! (not like cigarette smoking, you know what I mean.)

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