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How to Charge Phone While Camping

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Are you wondering how to charge your phone while camping? Maybe you’re planning a trip and don’t know how you’re going to survive without it! Or maybe you just want your phone charged in case of emergencies. Either way, never fear! You can charge your phone while camping. Read on to find out more.


Heat is energy that can be converted to electricity to charge you phone. There are a few different wood burning devices you can use to make a fire for cooking and charge your phone at the same time!

Battery Banks and Portable Chargers

You can purchase a portable phone charger or other device with a battery bank that will hold extra power to recharge your phone. I have a phone charger battery bank that I carry on my keychain for emergencies. You can charge up the battery bank at home and then take it with you wherever you go.

Hand Cranked

There are many flashlight/radios/chargers that can be powered by hand cranking mechanisms. They come with a handle that can be cranked to generate power.


You can also find small solar chargers to power up your cell phone while you are camping. Check out our post about the best solar chargers for backpacking. These solar chargers come with internal batteries that can be charges with the sunlight. They can be worn outside of your backpack or placed in the sun to recharge.


Similar to battery banks, generators are larger batteries that are capable of powering laptops, lights, and other devices. They can be charged at home or charged by solar panels or your car battery. Check out our solar generator guide.

Car Battery

If you aren’t to far from your vehicle while camping you can always use your car battery to charge your phone. Just use a usb car charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter to charge the phone. You will be draining your battery so be sure to start your car every once in a while to make sure the battery doesn’t die. Or you can get a solar car battery charger to keep your car battery charged too!


Hopefully I have helped answer your question “How to charge phone while camping?” There are many ways to charge your phone while camping. Next time you are out in the wilderness, you won’t be stuck without a phone! For more travel hacks, check out traveling hacks and tips on the Awesome Traveler blog.

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