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Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit + Best Electric Skateboards

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In this article you will find all of the items you need to convert your skateboard to an electric skateboard. After providing you with an electric skateboard conversion kit, I will also compare the best manufactured electric skateboards for those who aren’t brave enough or just don’t have time to build one of their own!

What are Electric Skateboards?

Electric skateboards have a motor attached to the bottom that uses a battery to power and turn the wheels. The main components of an electric skateboard are the motor, the wheels, the board, a remote control to turn the power on, a battery, and a charger. Electric skateboards can be anywhere from $150 to thousands of dollars depending on the features you want. They can light up, go up hill, they can be connected to an app, they can have sophisticated breaks, they can be made of wood or bamboo or military grade metal. If you want to build your own electric skateboard, you can purchase an electric skateboard conversion kit.

How to Make an Electric Skateboard

If you’re creative and up to the challenge, you can make your own electric skateboard. You will also save money doing it that way. You will need:

  • A skateboard – Any kind of skateboard will work, but you have to think about the size of the motor and how you want to use the board. If you are going to be traveling with the board and taking it on and off subways and inside buildings, you might not want to get a longboard. A longboard with a motor is bulky and is going to be hard to carry around. If you get a smaller skateboard it won’t be as bulky and you will easily be able to carry it places and travel around town. If you want to go faster and dont care how bulky the board is, you should get a longboard. Longboards are able go faster than regular skateboards. If you want to go fast and not have a bulky board, get a regular skateboard and put big wheels on it. The bigger the wheels, the faster it will go.
  • A motor – Any motor will do, but some suggest a 200kv to 300 kv motor. You can use a brushed or brushless motor. Brushless motors are more efficient, but are more complex to run and have more complex circuits, which means they will need extra protective casing as well. You can even run an electric skateboard on a drill motor. You can be creative, but think about how much power and speed you will need before choosing what motor you will need.
  • A battery – There are 3 different types of batteries that are commonly used in electric skateboards. LiPo batteries are cheap, but have been known to catch fire. Li-ion batteries are more expensive and safer than LiPo batteries, but they are not as powerful. Li-ion batteries are the most commonly used battery in electric skateboards today. LiFePo batteries are the 3rd type of battery and basically are the best of both worlds, but are the most expensive battery to use in electric skateboards.
  • A speed controller – A speed controller is an electric circuit that can adjust the speed of the motor that is powering the electric skateboard. You will need to make sure the voltage, current, and AMP rating of the motor do not exceed the ratings of the speed controller you choose.
  • Drivetrain – The drivetrain consists of pullies and a timing belt connected to the motor and the wheels. The drivetrain puts the motor’s work to use and makes the wheels turn. It is important to choose the correct sized and rates drivetrain or else the belt will break.

Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

I have put together a list of the component needed to convert your skateboard. These items are available on Amazon (aside from the skateboard itself). There are also pre-made conversion kits available. These are just the separate parts.

DIY Electric Skateboard Motor

Hobbysky Brushless Motor – This is a standard motor you can use to create an electric skateboard. It comes in different sizes 170 kV and 190 kV. The lower the kV on a motor, the higher the torque. Torque is the twisting force that causes the rotation. It also is available in 2 different size shafts, so make sure the one you choose matches the board you are using (8mm or 10mm).

ESC – Electric Speed Controller

HGLRC FSESC VESC V4.12 50A SK8-ESC Open Source for Electric Skateboard/E-Bike/EScooter – This is an Electric Speed Controller for a single motor electric skateboard.

Remote Control

vanpro Electric Skateboard DIY V2 Edition 2.4G Mini Wireless Remote Control Receiver Transmit 80 Meters Away – This remote control powers and controls the speed of the electric skateboard. It is compatible with the Electric Speed Control device listed above.

DIY Skateboard Battery

36V 5Ah Electric Skateboard Battery Pack Electric 4 Wheels Board Lithium Battery 36V 18650 Battery Pack Electric Scooter Battery – This is a 36V 18650 battery which is compatible with the other components in my list for DIY electric skateboard parts.

Power Switch

DIYE Electric Skateboard Power Switch 10AWG ON Off DIY Button Switch Anti-Spark High Voltage High Amp 180A 4-12S Longboard – This is a power switch that goes between the battery and the ESC. The power switch provides anti-spark protection for your high voltage skateboard.

DIY Electric Skateboard Drive Train

XCSOURCE DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard Kit Parts Pulleys and Motor + Belt + Bracket + Screw Tool Set Mount for 80mm Wheels OS914 – This is the drive train that connects to the motor and causes the wheels to turn. This component also comes with a motor mount.

Battery and Parts Enclosure

DIYE Electric Skateboard Battery & Electronics Customizable & Scratch-Proof Battery Enclosure – With all of those expensive electronics attached to your board, you are going to need something to protect them! This is an enclosure that will hold your battery and other electronics so they are safe from harm while you are skating around on your new electric skateboard.

If that looks too complicated for you, you can always buy an electric skateboard. Below are comparisons of less expensive and more expensive skateboards. They cost anywhere from $180 to $1,000+. Alternatively you can also purchase DIY kits that have everything you need to get started. To find out more check out this instructables page that goes into in-depth instructions and information about creating an electric skateboard. There are so many features, we have put together 2 charts to help you make sense of the best electric skateboards on the market. Our pick for the best electric skateboard is the Spadger D5X Plus.

5 Best Electric Skateboards (Less Expensive)

5 Best Electric Skateboards (More Expensive)

Benefits of Electric Skateboards vs. Traditional Skateboards


One benefit of electric skateboards is safety. Electric skateboards are frequently equipped with lights so you can ride at night and be seen safely. However the safety aspect can be debated. Electric skateboards can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. Anyone going that fast without protection can crash and get hurt. It’s always important to wear protective gear especially when you are riding on the streets.


Electric skateboards have a motor so you don’t have to use your energy to push them like regular skateboards. All you have to do is hop on the skateboard and use your remote to go. It’s like a skateboard for lazy people. Or just for people who want to go long distances efficiently.

Easy to Use

After the initial earning curve, electric skateboards are easier to use. They don’t require pushing with one foot and jumping on the board continuously. They also have breaks so when you need to slow down all you have to do is use the remote to slow down.

More Features

Many new electric skateboards come with cool LED lights that light up the board as you skate. You can see the board light up against the night sky and it looks really cool! Some electric skateboards also have a apps where you can control the skateboard with your phone.

What Size Motor Should Your Electric Skateboard Have?

Motors for electric skateboards are rated by wattage. The higher the wattage, the more electricity is used by the motor. Higher wattage motors can mean more power. But this has to be taken with a grain of salt. The efficiency of the motor determines how much power it has. So if a manufacturer designs an inefficient motor at 250 watts, it will have less power than a more efficient motor with the same wattage rating of 250 watts.

If you are a larger person, you might want to get a higher wattage motor on your electric skateboard. A higher wattage motor will have more power to push the weight that it is resisting against.

Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

Most electric skateboards are not waterproof. They come with electric components that will be damaged or destroyed if they get wet. However, there are some electric skateboards that are waterproof and water resistant.

Waterproof Electric Skateboards

Waterproof electric skateboards in our review are the Wowgo skateboard and the Spadger skateboard. These 2 boards are waterproof, so you can get them wet and not have to worry. Waterproof boards keep all of the water out.

Water-Resistant Electric Skateboards

There are also water-resistant electric skateboards. These are different from waterproof skateboards. Water-resistant boards keep some of the water out. Waterproof boards can be submerged in water and turn out OK. Water resistant boards should not be submerged in water, but they are ok if they occasionally get splashed with water.

Best Electric Skateboard 2019

#1 Best Electric Skate Board

Spadger Electric Skateboard

Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35’’ Electric Longboard, 23Mph 900W Dual Motor, 12 Miles Range, Load up to 264Lbs, with Wireless Remote Control & APP Control Bulit-in LED Lights

The Spadger D5X Plus gets the #1 electric skateboard spot…because it’s a BEAST! (hence the photo of the beast I put next to the skateboard…) This skateboard has just about every feature you would need and has great reviews and is not over-priced. It is a 35″ long board and has LED lights that light up the board. This board holds 264 lbs max and has a 1 year warranty. It has 2 motors that are a good size at 450 watts each. The coolest thing about this board is that it is fireproof and explosion proof. You can apparently set the board on fire or throw a grenade at it and it will still work. I am guilty of setting a board or two on fire as a teenager so I get the appeal.

#2 Best Electric Skateboard

Vokul Electric Skateboard

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser | 10 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max Load 200 Lbs | PU Wheel 70×51 mm Grey | 7 Ply Maple Deck | 4.4Ah Lithium Battery

This Vokul electric skateboard gets the #2 spot because of the price. If you are looking for a cheap board, look no further. It is cheap, but it is good quality considering the price. This board has a 10 mile range and goes up to 13 miles per hour. It also has a good size motor at 350 watts. Some more expensive electric skateboards only come with 250 watt motors.

#3 Best Electric Skateboard

Wowgo Electric Skateboard

WOWGO 2S (38″) Electric Skateboard, 38Km/H Top Speed, Max Load 280 Pounds, Uphill 25%-30%, Longboard with Wireless Remote Control (Black)

The #3 best electric skateboard is made by Wowgo. This is a mid-range priced longboard. This board is great because its waterproof and a superior battery for longer usage. It has an average motor at 250 watts. It only has a 3 month warranty which is kind of lackluster if you ask me.


If you want to explore an urban area with ease on a skateboard, then think about getting an electric skateboard. They can change the way you skateboard! Or if you are a beginner, they can help you to start skateboarding!

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